Sunday, October 11, 2009


You know how meatpreme is on hiatus but i decided to make more of those rob pattison shirts.Well, actually i never made them i only made one on request any twilight fans hit me up
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Shove-it Man Chapter 1

This story might be one of the most controversial posts ever so if you get offended then dont read it
derrickdrak1986what up
tonyluvskids666i 3 fliped a curb
tonyluvskids666i skate a pool too
derrickdrak1986that's badass
tonyluvskids666ima do a 900 tomorrow
derrickdrak1986what ok yeahya
tonyluvskids666ima skate el toro tomorrow
derrickdrak1986iam bitchen in da kicthen
derrickdrak1986cussing up a storm
tonyluvskids666being the bitch in the kitching?
tonyluvskids666what are you taking up the ass
derrickdrak1986is what i mean I cuss like crazy mofo
tonyluvskids666cussing what the only thing you said is bitchin
tonyluvskids666youre crazy you should go to the hostpital
derrickdrak1986no I am the man put the shove it in the man
tonyluvskids666so you shove things up the ass like a man?
derrickdrak1986no Ian shove it man
tonyluvskids666wtf are you talking about
tonyluvskids666you like things up your ass
tonyluvskids666or what?
derrickdrak1986I said put T on thephone
tonyluvskids666what T?
tonyluvskids666man i should call the cops
derrickdrak1986why u callin me is u crazy
tonyluvskids666saying random shit
derrickdrak1986I'm joking
derrickdrak1986I will stop talking crazy I was making ulaugh
tonyluvskids666would you grind on a guys dick
tonyluvskids666i thought you like to ride?
derrickdrak1986I rather grind pussy n girls every dialbolical holes make them cum
tonyluvskids666cum on your face?
derrickdrak1986yuk foo eee
tonyluvskids666is this your bullshit?
derrickdrak1986nasty no cum for me
tonyluvskids666would you cum on your board so it can be faster
derrickdrak1986juice is loose pussy
derrickdrak1986yeah yo yeah blaht blaht
tonyluvskids666you would cum on your board?
tonyluvskids666man you love your skateboard
derrickdrak1986yeah I broke my aws because idid a bs flip and it snaped
tonyluvskids666snapped what a dick?
derrickdrak1986no alien workshop board broke on backside flip
derrickdrak1986on flatgroung
tonyluvskids666damn how many boards have your bought since you left/
derrickdrak1986one two
tonyluvskids666why did you say one two
tonyluvskids666youre crazy shove it
tonyluvskids666wait so you have 1
tonyluvskids666and you have 2
tonyluvskids666does that make 3
derrickdrak1986yeah a van wastell krooked
derrickdrak1986one left
tonyluvskids666damn no wonder i spent 200 on you
tonyluvskids666youre high matienence bitch
derrickdrak1986his pro model before he passed his first it's a collectors edition rare
derrickdrak1986yeah that is what my aunt says
tonyluvskids666youre too expensive to live with
derrickdrak1986yeah that is true
tonyluvskids666man bill gates has to be your dad
derrickdrak1986Oliver you know alot about slots
derrickdrak1986beavis and butthead do america
tonyluvskids666i dont play slots thats a bitch game
derrickdrak1986pronto bubba quote from mr anderdon
tonyluvskids666maybe you'll be a high matience slut
derrickdrak1986what boy that is crazy talk how can be a slut I'm a man with 1:50 and I wake to boners in da mornin thinking about hot bitches in my mind of library son
tonyluvskids666what hot bitches as in dogs?
tonyluvskids666you dogs give you boners?
derrickdrak1986I should be the one and only shove it man the guy that every body hates but love him because he bullsshit joy of tears to the world comedy on man band
derrickdrak1986one man band shove it man
tonyluvskids666so you want guys to love you too and fuck you
tonyluvskids666man you have one crazy mind
derrickdrak1986no eha eh what is with the gay jokes today I can't stand it it makes want to up a guy who thinks I'm gay and he is wrong I want beat the shit out of dumbasses who think that shove is homo brcausec I'm not homo 100% strait love the pussy
tonyluvskids666damn shove it
tonyluvskids666so when is this 200 dollars you owe me comign
derrickdrak1986when I make the trip to California I will call you and pay you back friend
tonyluvskids666you better not cum on the money
tonyluvskids666or pay some guy for a handjob
derrickdrak1986why would I do that
tonyluvskids666i dont know you like to spend
derrickdrak1986I like the stuff I font give a fuck about money it posses me of
derrickdrak1986moneyvmakes me mad
tonyluvskids666damn man you are like a girl
tonyluvskids666so you beat the shit out of your money by spending it
derrickdrak1986how I am a guy not a girl
tonyluvskids666well you spend like a girl
derrickdrak1986I spend like a man I don't give a fuck and I buy goog shit
derrickdrak1986good shit
tonyluvskids666how do you get the money then
tonyluvskids666from skateboarding or what?
derrickdrak1986my family and I try to sell stuff I don't use
tonyluvskids666i thought you dont sell stuff
tonyluvskids666i thought you keep everything
derrickdrak1986like old video games and shoes and toys from when ii was younger
tonyluvskids666shove it man you made my life so sad
derrickdrak1986no I don't keep everything Ian normal not crazy the look may make people think I'm crazy but I'm not
derrickdrak1986sorry I don't want your life to be sad I try to do funny nonsense stupid shit to make you laugh
tonyluvskids666do it then
tonyluvskids666go skate to california
tonyluvskids666and fuck some chick with aids
derrickdrak1986I try to make a positive conversation but in a way that is offensive in a non violent carazy complicated way that is very hard to exaplian I can talk for hours
tonyluvskids666shove it man you are funny cause you actually got a 15 year old girls number
tonyluvskids666and it ended up being a guy
derrickdrak1986I don't want aids let's live I don't want to die am scared

tonyluvskids666shove it you made me laugh so hard that you should get an award

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Finally New Post

Yes, it's been a while and hope i can maintain to do this daily so enjoy this video..........

Friday, June 12, 2009